April 17

100 Word Challenge (Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress)

Ahhhhhhh, dad, there’s a robber and he took my soccer ball said the little boy Okay son said the dad I will go and chase him. Although he ran quickly, the robber was still not making enough progress. The dad easily catches up and got the ball, but the robber got away. After that, the little boy and the dad had ice-cream together and by then they had noticed that the robber was but then the robber stop and took a costume off and guess what it was a famous soccer player so the little boy got a photo + tips.

March 20

100 Word Challenge (but how did he get up there)

Dad said Bobby can we get a cat today???

okay, sure dad replied so then we went to the pet shop to buy a cat and we did, it was black and white with paters of brown spots.

We took it home and on the way home, we got stuff that the cat would need. After that, we went home and let the cat play and mostly sleep.

4 hour later, ahhhhh that was a good game of soccer as I sit on the couch, but then I saw Jeff our cat sitting on the TV then I got him down

March 12

100 Word Challenge

Mummy when are we going to England? said, Sophie, in 14 minutes her mum said.

2 days later…i feel sick that food is the worst, but then she noticed that she was in England. When they got the hotel Sophie want to meet the queen. But first, all Sophie wanted now was a cup of tea. Sophie was about to drink her tea, but her mum stopped her, NOOOOOOOOOOOO Sophie mum yelled. What Sophie cried, you have to put your pinky up when you drink in England okay.

okay mum, then Sophie had a sip. MUM WHY IS WHERE GRASS IN MY TEA?!?!

March 10

Levels of Government BTN (Behind The News)

Link to BTN:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4469199.htm

Did you know that there are 3 type of levels of governments (State Man, Federal Woman, Local Boy) or just State, Federal and Local. Did you also know that each levels of government covers lots of different thing? Did you know that the levels of government help Australia?

Why is it 3 type of level? Why is it called State, Federal and Local?

I now understand what the levels of government is. 

March 10

100 Word Challenge (but what if I was in charge?)

Dad said, Bobby, How hard does it take to be a prime minister?

Hard he said why not you try when you grow up.

20 years later

Hello, I want to try to become prime minister but after 2 hours of the meeting, I thought if I was in charge what will I do?

When I was going home I got a phone call from the guy that I had a meeting with, and he said that I got the job of prime minister. So then I made the new rule of Minecraft at all the school, but only for year 5 kids.

March 2

100 Word Challenge (Ladder Goldfish Flew Brown Slowly)

Hey dad what are you doing up on the roof? said, John, I just flew up here to fix the roof. So how are you going to get down? by slowly going down that brown ladder over their can you get it, John, it would help me. Okay, dad, then can we get a pet goldfish? Okay why not you have been a good boy this year. So John and his dad went to the fish shop and ask were the goldfish was, then John one goldfish and got it. When they walked to the car he called it Bob.


February 25

SRC Letter

Hi, my name is Christian and this is why I want to be an SRC.

1st I have never been an SRC or a Green team before at this school and I want to know what it fills like to be an SRC rep and go to the meetings I want to raise money and help the school by going and I want to help get stuff for the school.

I want to be SRC but I will miss out on some of my play time, but if it is short then I am happy. I want to know where the meetings and what we need if we take notes or do we remember it?

Some Questions- How many people are in SRC? do we get Stuff? Do we write type or remember? Do we sometimes announce stuff at assembly? Can preps be an SRC? How can an SRC help the school? How many times is SRC a week? Who runs SRC? How many teachers are at SRC? Is SRC fun? At the end do you really get pizza?

That was my SRC letter i hope you like it and vote for me to be SRC Thank you for listing.



February 23

100 Word Challenge

Dad, can we go to the park? said, Billy

Ok said, dad, why not said, dad. so we got in the car and went off.

Hey, dad, we can soccer? I left it in the boot last time we went to the park. Ok, let’s go play now in the same spot that we always go to. We went to the spot and there was some weird trees dad I say are their people in there? No Billy their trees that are in a shape. What shape are they in? I don’t now Billy said, dad. They look funny said, Billy.

The End

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