Did you know people like making poems? Did you know that poems are a thing? Did you know poems can rhyme and be funny?

What is the longest poem ever? How many poems do people make a year? 

I know understand how people make poems.

100 Word Challenge (but they were exhausted)

“Hey Mum, I just got home from running around our oval”.

“Okay cool now you can go the supermarket and get some food”.

“But I’m too exhausted to shop now mum!”

“I don’t care just go and get the dam food or you will be kicked out of this house!” so I went to get the food and then came back home. When I got home I had seen that my family had already eaten dinner without me. So I decided that i was leaving the family and was taking all the food with me so I would live longer.

100 Word Challenge (we seem to be on the television)

Bang Bang! The lights go and we were live on channel 7. Christian and Lachlan were about to show for the cool skills with a soccer, but then our mums walk in and say

“You guys seem to be on the television”. We were so surprised because no one had told us that we were going onto the television, suddenly we both got so nervous because we were about to show the whole all our amazing soccer skills. We got our lucky ball and started showing for on skills. We did lots of cool soccer skills that some people can’t do.

BTN-Mars Experiment

Did you know that scientists stayed in a dome for a year to see if people could live on Mars? Did you know the dome is 11 meters wide? Did you know they had to eat packaged food?

How long can you stay alive for with only packaged food? Did they have water for that whole year?

I now understand how hard it is to live on Mars.

Christian Goals

Reflection for School

My goal for reading is to work on my fluency because when I read it’s not clear. That means people can’t hear what I am saying as well. When I read, I get nervous and then stuff up. My goal for writing was to complete 3 stories by the end of term 3. My goal for maths is working on my 8 timetables. Another goal is to organize my homework. I want to work on not mucking around and getting distracted. So I can finish my work, pay attention. To listen to the teacher when she talks, pay attention again.

For my reading goal, when I read I still get nervous but it’s a bit more fluent than before. For my writing goal, I complete the 3 stories that were mostly over 500 words. For my maths goal, I am better with my 8s but I still take a long time to work out the answer. When I do my homework, I organize when I am going to do my homework and have gotten better at doing that. I have gotten better at listening in class and pay way more attention.

What I want to work on for next is to be a house captain for my house (Chisholm) and to be a good leader/role model to younger students. Another goal is to improve on my 13 timetables and try to answer the question as fast as possible. I want be a good buddy and interact with my buddy more than my friend when it is buddies. I class I want to finish things before I talk to my friend and do something else. I want to be able to help the year 5s.

100 Word Challenge

I was riding my bike down the street and I was looking at something I really liked, but at the same time wasn’t looking where I was going and smashed into a huge tree. When i got up, I saw my bike in a funny position. I go closer to the tree, and my bike get stuck in it. I tryed to pull it put with everything I could, but it just wouldn’t come out. I run home to get my spiceal axe and then run straight to the tree. I swing and hit it, but nothing happened to it….

BTN- Solar System

 Our sun is orbited by 8 planets, Asteroids, comets and a few dwarf planets? The solar system has 8 planets. Someday someone discovered that the sun will destroy when it gets bigger.

Will the sun Ever destroy its self? Will, there be planets added to the solar system?

I understand that it will take thousands of years for the sun to destroy Earth




100 Word Challenge (Because I said so)

“I have to play fortnite mum” I yelled “why do you have to play now?” mum asked because I said so and continued playing. My mum walked away and didn’t talk to me for 3 hours will I was playing fortnite. After I got off I went to the kitchen and had some lunch. After eating eggs with bacon, I outside to practise with my soccer skills, and then played a match with my brother. I won 11-8 because I was more experienced in playing soccer. Finally, we went inside to go back on and play FIFA 19 till we had dinner time.

Book Review

Book Review Ferret Boy.

Ferret boy is about a little kid named Josh how owned two ferrets bucks and eddy. Josh also lived in a small town and bet that he could win the annual ferret derby in his town. And well doing the race his grandpa was helping him.

I would give this story a 1/5 star rating.

100 Word Challenge (it reminded me of a time when)

I was riding my bike and saw a dog, and it reminded me of a time when a dog came up to me and bit me. The dog was the one coming to me so I tried to go around it but almost fell into the river next to me. So I decided to go backwards and go the other way, and then an even bigger dog came from that way now I had to jump into the river because I stuck in the middle of two dogs. I put my bike in a tree and jump in the river.