May 9

100 w.c.

I just couldn’t eat something so I went to the footy grand final to watch Essendon vs West Cost Eeagles. I was still not hungry. I thought to myself “Why am I not hungry?” Then the siren went it was  the best match in history. The first goal was score by Essendon it was 6-0 Essendon was winning.

2 quarters later I said to myself “Why am i still not HUNGRY?”

Finally I got hungry and I had lots of  MacDonalds and then I had lots of  KFC then I went home and went to bed.

The next day I was even hungrier so I went to the A league grand final.

The End

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11 thoughts on “100 w.c.

  1. alexander2017

    Hello Christian, i love your blog and this post, it’s very interesting and it’s really hard worked on.

    Great post mate.

  2. james2017

    hi christen i love your 100 word chalange footy rocks maybe you could include west cost eagles an agian i love your 100 word chalange


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