June 15


In our last lesson, we learnt about what a GIST is. A GIST is a summary using around 20 words or less, using keywords and a few of our own words too. We also took out keywords. In that lesson we worked with a partner, I worked with Adam. Here is what I did, also you have to put it number 1-2 together then you add them all together, and the link: http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/06/14/gist-lesson/

1st keywords: Evidence , Shows , Humans , Have , Catching , Since ,40,000 , Years, Ago , Archaeological , Reveals , Shell  , Fragment,

Discarded , Fish and Bones.

1st GIST:

Evidence shows humans have been catching fish since 40,000 years ago. Archaeological reveals  shell fragment discarded fish bones.

2nd keywords: 

Fishing,Variety and Way 

2nd GIST:

Evidence shows we’ve been fishing for years. Fishing is done in many ways. Sea foods are elements of prehistoric diets.

3rd keywords: Consider, Fishing, Act, Hook, Line, Either, Pole, Rod , Include , Outfits , Forms , Spearing , Location , Prohibited and law.

3rd GIST:

Evidence shows we’ve been fishing for 40,000 years. Fishing is done in many ways, though mainly people use hook and line.

That what I did I my lesson, hope you enjoyed, thanks, keep on looking on my blog, ill have more, it is cool!🤣😎

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    it’s realy cool your article…!!!! Bravo Christian… Kisses from Corfu…I wish see you soon!! Eleftheria


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