June 23

behind the news

link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3166785.htm


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 This video was about how elephants can talk differently and humans can’t hear it it without a microphone on the elephants.

Did you know, that the elephants don’t just do a elephant roar they can make a different sound to their roar? Did you know, how the humans figured out the different sound that elephants make well they used a microphone that was like a collar? Did you know, that elephants can talk to any animal with there language?

We now understand that elephants can talk a different language. We also understand that elephants have a collar that has a microphone on for 24 hours.

 Why do elephants have fat ears?

Hope you enjoyed this BTN (behind the news) also I worked with Tom Hirst and Brooklyn Crook and there will be more to come.🤣😎

By Christian, Tom and Brooklyn!

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5 thoughts on “behind the news

  1. Amy Johnson

    Both this post and your Gist post were really cool, it’s awesome that you are learning this stuff in elementary school (that’s what we call ‘primary school’ here in the USA). Being able to identify facts and keywords etc. in what you are reading is SO important, especially nowadays when a lot of very biased and factually incorrect articles are being shared on the internet and on social media. What you guys are learning right now will help you to use critical thinking when reading information and you will be able to distinguish between what is factual and what is emotive language. Great work, keep it up!

  2. Belinda Leventis

    That’s great information Christian, I didn’t know that about elephants. Goes to show you never stop learning!


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