behind the news #2

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This video was about a girl with a birthday on a leap year

Did you know, that a leap year is every four years? Did you also know, that if your birthday was on a leap year and you are in grade 4 you would only be 2 years old? Did you know, 1 in 500,000 people have a birthday on a leap year? 

I now understand a leap year is every four years. I now understand that it takes 1,460 between each leap.

Why did they create leap day?

I hoped you enjoyed this second BTN (behind the news) I also worked with Tom Hirst again and there will be more stuff on my blog.🤣

By Christian and Tom

7 thoughts on “behind the news #2

  1. Hi Christian, interesting post on your blog. I went to primary school with a girl who was born during a ‘leap year’.

    She would now be 10 years old!

    Keep up the great work!

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