It was a day before Nedia’s birthday, and Nedia could not wait till he got his presents. Nedia’s brother Mada’s birthday was in 1 week.

So because they was nothing to do they went to the park to play soccer Nedia hit the crossbar! “No” Nedia said “Ha, Ha, Ha” Said Mada.

They went to the park, but then it started pouring down rain, so we had to go home. So when we got home Nedia played Minecraft.

Nedia played bed wars and be won 10 games. After that Nedia played some sky wars it was so exciting. Then Nedia and Mada played lots of fun games together and had lots of fun.

The next day it was Nedia’s birthday. He couldn’t wait till he got all his presents. He was turning 19 years old, so the two boys went to the hardest maze in the world. They went Left then Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right and then Left.

But then they ran into the biggest haunted house in the world, they were zombies everywhere. And there was no exit. They had to go into the haunted house it was so scary that Mada POOPED his pants.

Then Nedia went down more in the haunted house, and then they saw a green EXIT sign and ran out as fast as they could. Then they ran home and on one new that they went.

Then Nedia opened all his presents and he got a computer with a key board, a new bike, an Xbox and a Wii U.

The next day Nedia played Minecraft on his new computer. It was so good he won 500,000 it was so cool because he had two computer so he could do homework at the same it was so cool.

That night, “It is my birthday”!!! Said Mada so he ran down stairs with his brother to see his presents but then his mum and dad saw them so they went with them to. Mada got a cat, a toy of himself, a computer because he has never had one before. The toy of himself was so cool they were laughing their heads off, Ha, Ha, Ha.

After that the two funny boys went up stair to play Minecraft together since they both had a computer. “It was is cool played Minecraft with my brother” Nedia said “It was super-duper” Mada said “Nearly pooped my pants again” Mada said Ha, Ha, Ha, but then they both pooped there pants and their mum was laughing.


by Christian

Thank for reading my story don’t go any were there will be more stuff on my blog😎!!

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