Historical Fiction-Alexander franics Convicted Boy

In class we have been learning about history in Australia and England in about 1788. We also wrote a story based on  this time. My historical fiction is below. Also click here to hear me read my story.

Alexander Francis Convicted Boy

In 1788, there was a poor kid named Alexander. His dad has died and his mum has been sent to jail. So Alexander stole to survive.

Alexander is an orphan and has a job as a chimney sweeper. Alexander is tall, smart and his a broken finger.

Alexander doesn’t get enough food so he stole and got caught by the farmer. He got convicted for 10 year from London to Sydney as a punishment.

Well Alexander was on the ship, he got very bored and made friends with Joshua Francis, and they had the same thing in common like have the same last name and the same broken finger but then they had to do their job and never saw each other again.

Finally Alexander arrived at Sydney, then he just had to start collecting sticks to make shelter.

After 10 years Alexander decided to stay at Sydney for ever!


By Christian

One thought on “Historical Fiction-Alexander franics Convicted Boy

  1. Although brief, you story shows you understand some of the key points of what life was like during that time.
    I would have liked to see you extend the story. For example, the two boys meet, find they have a lot in common but then you end the story. This should have been where their adventures started.
    Also make sure you go back and read you story,preferably out loud. This will allow you to hear the parts that don’t make sense or where you’ve left something out.
    Where you wrote – ‘they had the same thing in common like have the same last name and the same broken finger’ the ‘have’ should have been ‘having’.
    Other than that, like I said you have the start to a good story.

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