My Experience at Camp!!

This year 3/4’s went to camp at King Lake, we all left on Monday 18th of September, and I want to tell you all about it.

We were leaving on the bus at 9:00 and was waving good bye to are parents and then go, on the bus I sat next to Brooklyn and we played uno and word puzzle.

When we got to King Lake we were given our cabins, we were all so excited. In my cabin was Albe, Alexander and Igor. I slept on the botton bunk and it was like we were at the north pole.later that day after unpacking we all played GA GA. (if you don’t now what it is, this is a picture of it)

The frist day for lunch we ate hamburgers and for dinner  we ate lasagna. on the frist night it was freezing cold so Alexander slept with me. The next day for breakfast we had scrammbled eggs with bread and bacon, but the eggs had water in then and they tasted grose! After breakfast my group went to do zip lining it was the best!!


After zip lining we went for a walk around the whole forest, I was tired after a big walk. After that it was time for dinner we had chick

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