October 31

Soccer Star

There once was a boy who lived in Manchester.-in England. His name was Christian.

When Christian was a baby he grew up watching soccer. At the age of 10 Christian was already playing in the EPL-team Manchester United. Christian was number 7and played the position LW (Left Wing) and LB (Left Back).

The match was against Liverpool F.C. My best friend Alexander was in that team; we went to the same school.

The match started and Manchester kicked off, in the 10th minute Christian scored a scissor kick: 1-0. Then in the 45th minute Alexander scored: 1-1.


Half Time.

10 minute later (Whistle) they was another 45 minute- in it both teams had chances to score but didn’t, so the game ended as 1-1.

7 months later both Alexander and Christian were RICH!!!!


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