Time Machine


There once was a young boy named Tom. Tom was very smart, funny and had a wild imagination.

When Tom was sleeping he had a dream of building a time machine. The next day Tom went to shed and went to get some stuff so he could try and build a time machine. Tom was so excited, then he wondered if it worked where he would go.

Tom make the machine out of metal and a bit of wood. After that Tom went to the shop and brought 50 buttons and also got wires and cables.

Tom was having so much fun that by the time he got home it was 1:00pm.

For lunch Tom had egg, bacon and toast, it was yum. After lunch he finished his time machine and travelled back in time to the year 1985.

By Christian

One thought on “Time Machine

  1. You’ve got the start to a good story here Christian. I’d like to here what happens when Tom arrives in 1985.
    As I’ve mentioned in the past read over what you have written so you can hear the grammar errors and where you need to add more details. Also, as discussed in class, look for descriptive words to replace the name Tom. For example – ‘After that Tom went to the shop’ could become – ‘After that the eager inventor went to the shop’
    Other than that, as I said, I think you have the start to a good story.

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