Letter to Libby

Hi, my name is Christian. I am grade 5 and I am 10 years old. I have a brother named Luke, which is in grade 2 (1/2F). I also have a cat named penny and I got her in 2016 for Christmas. I also like to listen to music and sing sometimes.


The favorite things to do is play soccer, footy, and cricket also to do scratch because I like coding and I like to play Minecraft on the Xbox, Computer and an iPad. I like to build and make machines.


My favorite authors are R.L Stine, Emily Rodda. They are good writers, and I like to read sci-fi, fantasy, Sports, horror and action adventure.


I am looking forward to doing crazy cash and gala and winter sports.



4 thoughts on “Letter to Libby

  1. Great to hear from you Christian. It sounds like sport is a big part of your life (and technology games too). I’m glad you like Emily Rodda as an author. Have you read our class novel before – Rowin of Rin? What is your favourite book by her?
    Please make sure in future that you complete homework tasks by the due date 🙂

  2. Hi Christian, I agree with Libby, you will need to focus and plan on doing your homework in order to complete all task on time.

    Mum and I will help you do this!

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