May 22

Herald Sun

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Did you know that it became exposed for the first time after heavy rainfall in Kenya in the past month — which also caused hospital walls to collapse, flooded entire neighborhoods, and closed off major highways? Did you Know that The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates? Did you know that the floodwaters created a split stretching several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu?

How big is Kenya? How long does it take to get to Kenya for Australia?

I understand how bad thing can happen in the world

May 22

100 Word Challenge (but I didn’t understand the instructions)

Today in class I didn’t understand the instructions, but I still went on with the test. The test that we had to do a maths one. I loved to do maths, but in maths, you have to read the instructions. After the test was done the teacher came over to look at my test and saw that I did it wrong, she said

“Why have you done this maths test wrong?” I said ” Because I didn’t understand the instructions. Then the teacher told me I had to tell her that I didn’t know something. After that I always read instructions.

May 22

Reflection for online privacy

I learned that when you get hacked, you lose money, but I wanted how you lose money. Do you have to pay the person that hacked you? Do you have to get a new device? I also learned if you have a Fitbit you can get tracks from where ever you are, that can happen on the app. 12% of young people have experienced fraud or download a virus. Scamwatch Statistics 2017 saw that the number of people lost more than $90,928,622 dollars of getting hacked or download a virus.

The way you can be safe is to put a firewall and to put your media on private.

May 18

Herald Sun

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Did you know that there are volcanos in Hawaii? Did you know that most of the volcanic activity is around the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas or towns of the Island of Hawaii? Did you know that Although no big lava flows have formed yet, smaller outbreaks* of lava, such as those that have already happened, are still extremely* dangerous? The lava can reach 1150C.

How many volcanos are there in the world? How long do volcanos last for?

I now understand how bad volcanos can be in Hawaii.

May 15

100 Word Challenge

Deep down in the magical fire desert, there was a mystery animal. It had a human upper part and unicorn bottom part. It loved to stay in the sun and get warm. But one day a human went found the desert and then saw the magic animal. After that human went back to his town and got his friends and then tried to kill it. The animal run far far away so the humans couldn’t find him. Finally, it got away and found some food then started eating, eventually, the magic animal fell asleep. After that, he found the desert.

May 9

100 Word Challlenge (’when did it arrive?’ I said)

Mummy, when did it, arrive? I said. After I dropped you for at school and I got dad to set it up so you can play it when you got home, on the Xbox it came with Minecraft, Fifa 18 and fortnite.

So that whole night The boy played and played, but the best game he played was Minecraft because it helped him in school with his maths. And the next day of school the boys class did a big maths lesson and he’s Minecraft playing helped him and then he got an A+ in his test, and then went home.

April 27

Anzac Day BTN (Behind the News)

Link to the BTN:


Did you know that 5 different people in your family can be named the same name? Did you know when you die you have to be buried where you were you were born? Did you know when your family member dies in a war, you get his metals?

How many metals can you get? How many people can be named the same thing in a family?

I now understand what Anzac day is.


April 23

100 Word Challenge

Hey, do what that new thing in the park over there? asked Peter as they were walking in the park.

“It looks like a person sitting on a tree,” said Peters dad

Let’s go and check it out dad, so Peter and his dad went off to go and check out what the thing was. When they got there Peter asked if he could climb it, and his dad said yes. So Peter climbed up the thing to see what it would look like, and what do you know it was a great view from their then came down it.

April 17

100 Word Challenge (Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress)

Ahhhhhhh, dad, there’s a robber and he took my soccer ball said the little boy Okay son said the dad I will go and chase him. Although he ran quickly, the robber was still not making enough progress. The dad easily catches up and got the ball, but the robber got away. After that, the little boy and the dad had ice-cream together and by then they had noticed that the robber was but then the robber stop and took a costume off and guess what it was a famous soccer player so the little boy got a photo + tips.