August 6

100 Word Challenge (Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock)

Hey dad, can we go ice skating? ok. he replied, we get to the ice skating place and ask for so ice skates. The man gave us some bright lime skates. Then we start skating away. 2 hours later, we go to look at the regularly clock that we always look at, and notice that it wasn’t there. So we went back home and just relaxed for a long time. Finally, Bob had to go to soccer training and enjoyed his 2 hours of playing soccer, his favorite sport in the whole world. Lastly, Bob enjoyed the rest of his day playing.

June 13

Don’t Panic BTN (Behind the News)

Link to the Btn:

Did you know that when there is a bushfire all the water stops? Did you know that this test was just like the real flood? Did you know that if you get alerted by something or someone you must get out of the reach your you are going to die?

Why don’t they do tests in other countries? How long can it go for? 

I now understand why you should get ready for a natural disaster.

June 12

100 Word Challenge (however, she couldn’t believe what she had done)

‘Oh no’ said Mary. She was kicking a soccer ball and then she kicked it went over the fence and hit her neighbor’s gnome. However, she couldn’t believe what she had done nowing she was bad at soccer. Her neighbor looked outside and look very angry. Mary went over to get the ball back and also to say sorry for breaking her garden gnome. Mary’s neighbor forgiven her for what she had done, and also Mary invited her neighbor for dinner. That night Mary’s mum had made pasta for dinner to eat. Then Mary’s neighbor came and loved the pasta.

June 5

100 Word Challenge (Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge)

Today I am going for a bike ride but first, walk over the huge bridge, and as I was walking past I saw a shop that had a cupcake with pink sprinkles sprinkled all over it. When I get home I see my neighbor holding daffodil, it looked fantastic. After that, I got all my stuff ready and went off for my bike ride. I loved going for a bike ride, in fact, I go for one every day. When I got home I saw my neighbors daffoil again and it looked fantastic, and I had a good day.

June 4

Why all kids should have to play sport

Do you want your kid to be fit? If you do keep reading and we will give you some reasons why we think your kid should play a sport.


Did you know that when kids play a sport they get fitter and fitter? In the beep test (A thing we do in PE) kids that do a sport last longer in the test. The test shows who is fitter, most kids that don’t play a sport are one of the first person to get out/get tired.


Let your kid make new friends, meet new people. Also with a sport, you need your kid to learn teamwork and in sport, your sports teacher should explain what teamwork is and why it’s helpful in life. Another thing is sportsmanship, like when they play another team, they need to show sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a kind thing in general because even when you win or lose a game you should always show respect to the opponent.


The last reason why your kid should play sport is that it is fun and your kid will never know what it feels like play sport. Ask them what sport they want to do, or maybe let them ask you sometimes.

That is why we strongly believe why your kid should play a sport. And don’t forget to ask them what sport they would like to play. 😉

May 29

100 Word Challenge

Ahhh what the heck just hit me in the back of the head? I look around to see if anyone throw something at me, but no. Then I look up and see a giant tree with billions of leaves, and then I realize Little things. I called them little things because first I don’t know what they’re called. Two they are little. And now I know what hit me on the back of my head, but the problem is that it took me an hour to realize what it was. Then I walk and laughing at the same time.

May 29

Disaster Recovery BTN (Behind the News)

Link to the BTN:

Did you know that when a disaster happens you need to have a place so you can be safe and can live, like a bunker? Did you know that the damage that happens to everything nearly take a year or more to fix? Did you know that any natural disaster can knock you out in one go?

How many people can die to a tsunami in one go? What happens if all the countries have a natural disaster at the same time?

I now understand what people have to go throw with bad weather. 

May 22

Herald Sun

Link to the Herald Sun:

Did you know that it became exposed for the first time after heavy rainfall in Kenya in the past month — which also caused hospital walls to collapse, flooded entire neighborhoods, and closed off major highways? Did you Know that The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates? Did you know that the floodwaters created a split stretching several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu?

How big is Kenya? How long does it take to get to Kenya for Australia?

I understand how bad thing can happen in the world

May 22

100 Word Challenge (but I didn’t understand the instructions)

Today in class I didn’t understand the instructions, but I still went on with the test. The test that we had to do a maths one. I loved to do maths, but in maths, you have to read the instructions. After the test was done the teacher came over to look at my test and saw that I did it wrong, she said

“Why have you done this maths test wrong?” I said ” Because I didn’t understand the instructions. Then the teacher told me I had to tell her that I didn’t know something. After that I always read instructions.