February 22

What Is democracy? BTN (Behind The News)

Link to BTN:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4460249.htm

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3 facts-Magenta 

2 questions-Green

1 understandings-Orange

This video was about Democracy and what it is about.

Did you know that democracy is split into two parts in ancient Greek?Did you know that democracy in ancient Greek mean rule of the people?Did you know that woman, slaves, and poor people could not vote?

Who made up democracy?How long has democracy been around?

I now understand what democracy is.

February 17

We were moving very fast when… (100 Word Challenge)

“Come on dad are we there yet?” I said

No Christian, we will be there in 5 hours. 5 hours!? Can you go faster? no, I am already going 100. Go 200 NOW!!!

Fine but holed on RRRRRRRRR is this good?!  DON’T dad look at me, DAD LOOK AT THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey, dad call 000 plz and get the emergency plz.

1 hour later, dad are we there yet? No, you’re in the hospital.

How?! you fell asleep. Ooh,

Can we go now? ok

Yay we are back on the road, are we there yet?!

No 5 hours go fast! go 200. Okay RRRRRRRR is this good yes dad look at tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The End

By Christian

February 7

Letter to Libby

Hi, my name is Christian. I am grade 5 and I am 10 years old. I have a brother named Luke, which is in grade 2 (1/2F). I also have a cat named penny and I got her in 2016 for Christmas. I also like to listen to music and sing sometimes.


The favorite things to do is play soccer, footy, and cricket also to do scratch because I like coding and I like to play Minecraft on the Xbox, Computer and an iPad. I like to build and make machines.


My favorite authors are R.L Stine, Emily Rodda. They are good writers, and I like to read sci-fi, fantasy, Sports, horror and action adventure.


I am looking forward to doing crazy cash and gala and winter sports.



December 18

Christmas Poems With Tom

This is Christian’s Poem:

Snow, snow, snow,

Very bright,

And lots of white,

Snow, snow, snow,

It very fun,

But also hurts,

at the same,

same time,

Snow, snow, snow.

This is Tom’s poem:

You wake up one morning and you repeat to yourself,

it’s christmas,

it’s christmas,

it’s christmas,

you go to get up and you find some prezents,

your parents say,

merry christmas,

you go outside and you feel the warm sun on your skin,

and once again you repeat to yourself one more time,

it’s christmas.

by Christian and Tom 😎



December 12

Six-Room-Process with Thomas

If you want to know more about six room poems click this http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/12/12/six-room-poems-2/

This is Thomas’ Poem:


Naked and nothingless

Unthought of

Air blowing, leaves rustling 

Brown and grey

Cold, boresome

Air blowing, leaves rustling

Where did the snow travel from?

Air blowing, leaves rustling.

This is Christian’s Poem:

Moon boom

Im on the moon and it makes big BOOMS!!

It’s very dark

It’s very dark 

It’s very dark

There’s nothing to do

It’s very quiet and nothing to do

It’s very hot in this dumb dumb suit,

and I have no water

But it’s still dark dark dark!!!

By Chrsitian and Thomas

October 31

Soccer Star

There once was a boy who lived in Manchester.-in England. His name was Christian.

When Christian was a baby he grew up watching soccer. At the age of 10 Christian was already playing in the EPL-team Manchester United. Christian was number 7and played the position LW (Left Wing) and LB (Left Back).

The match was against Liverpool F.C. My best friend Alexander was in that team; we went to the same school.

The match started and Manchester kicked off, in the 10th minute Christian scored a scissor kick: 1-0. Then in the 45th minute Alexander scored: 1-1.


Half Time.

10 minute later (Whistle) they was another 45 minute- in it both teams had chances to score but didn’t, so the game ended as 1-1.

7 months later both Alexander and Christian were RICH!!!!


October 31

Time Machine


There once was a young boy named Tom. Tom was very smart, funny and had a wild imagination.

When Tom was sleeping he had a dream of building a time machine. The next day Tom went to shed and went to get some stuff so he could try and build a time machine. Tom was so excited, then he wondered if it worked where he would go.

Tom make the machine out of metal and a bit of wood. After that Tom went to the shop and brought 50 buttons and also got wires and cables.

Tom was having so much fun that by the time he got home it was 1:00pm.

For lunch Tom had egg, bacon and toast, it was yum. After lunch he finished his time machine and travelled back in time to the year 1985.

By Christian

October 19

behind the news #3

Link to BTN:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4173992.htm

Summary Sentence-blue

3 Facts-magenta

2 Understandings-Orange

1 Question-green

This video was that soccer and how kids started playing it.

Did you know, after Australia won the Aisan cup most kids wanted to play soccer? Did you also know that, Tim Cahill has the most goal for Australia? Did you know that it takes good practice to be a real soccer player?

I understand that you can’t alwalys be perfect at somethings. And I also understand that you can’t be in the postion that you want to go in.

Who made soccer up?

Thanks for reading me BTN (behind the news) don’t lose my blog or you will miss good stuff 😎.

By Christian 

September 21

My Experience at Camp!!

This year 3/4’s went to camp at King Lake, we all left on Monday 18th of September, and I want to tell you all about it.

We were leaving on the bus at 9:00 and was waving good bye to are parents and then go, on the bus I sat next to Brooklyn and we played uno and word puzzle.

When we got to King Lake we were given our cabins, we were all so excited. In my cabin was Albe, Alexander and Igor. I slept on the botton bunk and it was like we were at the north pole.later that day after unpacking we all played GA GA. (if you don’t now what it is, this is a picture of it)

The frist day for lunch we ate hamburgers and for dinner  we ate lasagna. on the frist night it was freezing cold so Alexander slept with me. The next day for breakfast we had scrammbled eggs with bread and bacon, but the eggs had water in then and they tasted grose! After breakfast my group went to do zip lining it was the best!!


After zip lining we went for a walk around the whole forest, I was tired after a big walk. After that it was time for dinner we had chick