June 23

behind the news

link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3166785.htm


Summary Sentence- blue

3 Facts- magenta

2 Understands- orange

1 Question-green

 This video was about how elephants can talk differently and humans can’t hear it it without a microphone on the elephants.

Did you know, that the elephants don’t just do a elephant roar they can make a different sound to their roar? Did you know, how the humans figured out the different sound that elephants make well they used a microphone that was like a collar? Did you know, that elephants can talk to any animal with there language?

We now understand that elephants can talk a different language. We also understand that elephants have a collar that has a microphone on for 24 hours.

 Why do elephants have fat ears?

Hope you enjoyed this BTN (behind the news) also I worked with Tom Hirst and Brooklyn Crook and there will be more to come.🤣😎

By Christian, Tom and Brooklyn!

June 19



Hi! I have made more GISTS but this time we have to do 5 paragraphs instead of 3 paragraphs so this is going to be harder for me but I hope you enjoy.


 Idea, Welcoming, Dog, Cat, Home, Influx, Responsibility, Beloved Members.


For some people, the idea of welcoming a dog or cat home, brings on an influx of responsibility for beloved members.


Pets, need, regular, activity, becomes, choice.


For some people, the idea of welcoming a dog or cat to home. Pets need regular activity to get fit.


Believe, having, animal, have, impact, social life,


For some people, the idea of welcoming a dog or cat to home need regular activity like walking the dog.


Having, pet, home, great, children, learn, valuable, lessons, understanding.


For some people, the idea of welcoming a dog or cat to home need regular activity. Children learn valuable lessons.


Presence, home, boost, mood, especially, after, hectic, day.


For some people, the idea of welcoming a dog or cat to home need regular activity. Can boost your mood.


Thanks for reading my second GIST hope you enjoyed and there will be more stuff on my blog.

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June 15


In our last lesson, we learnt about what a GIST is. A GIST is a summary using around 20 words or less, using keywords and a few of our own words too. We also took out keywords. In that lesson we worked with a partner, I worked with Adam. Here is what I did, also you have to put it number 1-2 together then you add them all together, and the link: http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/06/14/gist-lesson/

1st keywords: Evidence , Shows , Humans , Have , Catching , Since ,40,000 , Years, Ago , Archaeological , Reveals , Shell  , Fragment,

Discarded , Fish and Bones.

1st GIST:

Evidence shows humans have been catching fish since 40,000 years ago. Archaeological reveals  shell fragment discarded fish bones.

2nd keywords: 

Fishing,Variety and Way 

2nd GIST:

Evidence shows we’ve been fishing for years. Fishing is done in many ways. Sea foods are elements of prehistoric diets.

3rd keywords: Consider, Fishing, Act, Hook, Line, Either, Pole, Rod , Include , Outfits , Forms , Spearing , Location , Prohibited and law.

3rd GIST:

Evidence shows we’ve been fishing for 40,000 years. Fishing is done in many ways, though mainly people use hook and line.

That what I did I my lesson, hope you enjoyed, thanks, keep on looking on my blog, ill have more, it is cool!🤣😎

By Christian

May 9

100 w.c.

I just couldn’t eat something so I went to the footy grand final to watch Essendon vs West Cost Eeagles. I was still not hungry. I thought to myself “Why am I not hungry?” Then the siren went it was  the best match in history. The first goal was score by Essendon it was 6-0 Essendon was winning.

2 quarters later I said to myself “Why am i still not HUNGRY?”

Finally I got hungry and I had lots of  MacDonalds and then I had lots of  KFC then I went home and went to bed.

The next day I was even hungrier so I went to the A league grand final.

The End


May 4

Hello world!

Hi my name is Christian i go to school at Moonee Ponds Primary School I am in grade 4.
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